Writing revelations

So I stalled out a bit on writing again after some big job deadlines pretty much brought the rest of my life to a standstill. The stress from those deadlines sent my creative muse fleeing for the hills. What free time I had was pretty much for eating, sleeping, and vegging out on mindless TV.  Now the deadline madness has passed I’ve started writing again. As a new writer I’ve discovered several new challenges I’m learning to work through:

  1. Carving out time in a busy schedule to actually write
  2. Not letting stress from my daily job interfere with my creative process
  3. My muse evidently has multiple projects it wants to work on. Keeping focused on one is sometimes harder than I expected as my muse often wants to wander off on plotting tangents for other books I’m going to write down the road.

Carving out time is tricky but I’m starting to get more of a routine going on that is working. The stress thing I haven’t found an easy solution to yet. Exercise helps alleviate it but then I’m physically tired and not always ready to then exercise my brain as well. Having ideas for multiple projects is exciting and makes me feel more confident that I could eventually become a full time writer. I have plenty of ideas for projects that excite me; ones I’d want to read if someone else wrote them. Keeping the wayward muse focused on one thing at a time is the harder part. I’m technically writing two different novels right now but more often working on one than the other. It sort of depends on the day and my mood, especially since the two projects are quite different.  One is more lighthearted and comedic, the other more serious. I’ve had to cut myself off at two. If I start any more I won’t be able to finish any of them. Nevertheless, I’m keeping track of ideas in my trusty notebook for when I have time to return to them. But otherwise, I’m trying to rein in my muse so I don’t lose focus entirely.

I’ve also broken down and decided to send the first fifty pages of one book to my friend and volunteer beta-reader. I was originally going to wait until the whole book was done but found myself in need of some outside perspective on what I’ve written. I hope to get some good feedback from her soon.

That’s it for now. Back to fiction writing!


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