I’m Back!

I realize it’s been quite some time since I posted on here. My goal going into the new year is that I will be more diligent about this. Mostly at this point, I view this blog as an accountability mechanism where I have to record my writing progress on a regular basis and make sure I’m meeting the goals I set for myself. I probably haven’t posted in a while because I know my writing has been sporadic since the summer. My day job is making it difficult for me to hold to the daily writing goal I set for myself but I’m trying to carve out time each day to get some words down. Since I last posted, I’ve made some new progress on my first project and started a second (which was my first NaNoWriMo effort). I’m really pleased with both of these books in progress and hope to make even more progress over the holidays while I have more free time to write. Based on a tip I received at GRL in October, I downloaded Scrivener, which is AWESOME! It has made the writing process so much easier as it helps me better organize my ideas and information on my characters, setting, etc.  Before I was working with a haphazard system of written notes that I kept losing. Now I can pull up my corkboard on Scrivener and everything is there. I love it so much!

I’ve also been reading a lot of M/M books lately and went on a bit of a crazy holiday themed binge. I needed some warm fuzzy feelings at this time of year and it’s wonderful to know you can count on most M/M authors to deliver! Maybe next year I’ll write my own holiday short story as I have a couple of ideas for one but I need to leave them on the back burner while I finish the two novels I’m writing. 🙂


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